7 Smartwatches That Are A Must Have For 2020

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If you were one of those kids who loved spy movies, you probably loved the gadgets the super spies always had on them that would help them get out of jams. Fantasies of getting your hands on some of that awesome technology and all the awesomeness you’d get into if you had it. Even Inspector Gadget and his niece Penny had some pretty amazing tech on them. A common scene found in spy movies is when the spies talk to some unknown contact via their watch. Those watches were capable of doing the most amazing things and what a dream it was to have one of those super spy watches. Most of our dreams have come true with the introduction of the smart watches to the consumer technology market. Smart watches deliver that cool super spy feel with being able to talk, Facetime, listen to music, get directions and so many other things you can do on a smartphone. According to wareable.com1, we can actually date back the first smartwatch back to 1927 with interest and technology picking gaining momentum in the 80s and 90s. Now, you can take your pick from a variety of smart watches from different cell phone providers or smart phone retailer. Here are a few must have smartwatches for 2020.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple.com2 brags the Apple watch series 4 has the largest Apple Watch display yet. Anyone with a smartphone can appreciate having more screen to look at. Apple has been chasing Samsung on screen size for years, as Samsung would always provide phone options with extra-large screens. Apple’s new model of phones now have edge to edge screens and the Apple watch series 4 is keeping the trend of larger displays for viewing pleasure. Apple is including a new electrical heart sensor for the fitness conscious. The series 4 is familiar to other series prior, but with new bells and whistles. The watch starts at $399, but the price tag will make sense once you see what this watch can do.

Apple Watch Series 3

If you can’t bring yourself to pay the $399 price tag the Apple Watch Series 4 carries, the Apple Watch Series 3 will be a great alternative for you. It offers many of the same features as the series 4, but obviously the series 4 technology is going to be more state of the art. However, the 3 is not that far behind. The pace at which updates to current technology is introduced to the market makes the differences between the versions almost unnoticeable. You’ll notice the difference in price, with the Apple Watch Series 3 starting at $279. You still get great benefits with being able to monitor your health and track your success.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit.com3 invites you to live your best life with an intuitive, empowering and approachable health fitness smartwatch. The fitbit is a great smart watch to have starting at just $200. It comes with fitness and sleep tracking, great apps and music, and can monitor your heart rate. The fitbit has plenty of memory and storage equipped with 2.5GB of storage. The battery life is said to be over four days. It’s waterproof and can also help with motivation to stay on track with your health goals with customized notifications.

Fitbit Ionic

If you’d like a fitbit smartwatch, but the classic doesn’t do it for you, you can check out the Fitbit Iocnic. The price tag is a little higher than the versa, but you get an updated version to an already great product. The Ionic starts at $250 and is compatible with most devices. The GPS tracking on the Ionic is top class and it has state of the art biometric tracking for the particularly health conscious. Like the Versa, it comes with 2.5GB of storage space and has an amazingly long batter life of over 4 days.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung has pretty much clobbered the market with the introduction of their amazing smartwatch lines. Sony came out with a great smartwatch back in 2012 and Samsung began their smartphone reign from 2013 onward. Apple has a more popular smartwatch, but they are pretty late to the game. Samsung has had longer to perfect their smartwatches and they are on point with the Galaxy watch. The watch starts at $299 and you can customize the phone to your personality. You can go with Bluetooth or even standalone models where you wouldn’t even need to have a smartphone on you because your watch would be your phone. You can choose between black, rose gold or silver.

Samsung Gear Sport

The Samsung Gear Sport is Samsung’s answer to the fitbit. They want their products to help you get in the best shape of your life. There are going to be many people whose New Year resolution is going to be to get in shape and they're going to need some technological support. The Gear Sport will help you get and stay on track with your health goals. According to Samsung.com4, you can set health and diet goals and your phone and track your progress right from your wrist, in real time. They try and make it easier for you to track your caloric intake and gives you insights and words of encouragement to reach your health and fitness goals.

LG GizmoGadget

The LG GizmoGadget is a smartwatch particular geared and marketed for young people. It’s a good way for your young one to be able to get a hold of adults without the need to carry around a smartphone. Let’s be honest, young people and smartphones tend to end one of two ways; either a broken phone or a lost phone. A watch is an easier way for them to keep track of it. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s very cool looking. It comes with a touch screen display, replaceable wristbands with color options to match with kid’s moods and personalities. It also comes with a customizable watch face and different display themes. They are also equipped with a dedicated call button for your little ones to be able to get a hold of someone fast in case of emergencies. This watch starts at the low price of $180.

There are many great varieties of smartwatches to choose from. Start with the watches recommended, and move on to find the perfect smartwatches for you and your family. 


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