Best Laptops of 2020

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Are you in a need of a new laptop? Well it can be sometimes hard to pick the one that will best suit you. There are many different categories of laptops that you can choose from such as a computer for work, gaming, video editing, and just browsing the web. Finding the perfect laptop for you will not be hard and just takes a little bit of research.

The best thing for you to do is to find out what you are going to use the laptop for. After that it comes down to what brand that you prefer and what is the best deal that you can get. There are many companies that offer amazing products for affordable prices and just taking a look online makes it that much easier, here are some of the best laptops of 2019.

Apple MacBook

If you are looking for a laptop that is going to give you the best performance then you should consider getting an Apple MacBook Pro. The new 2019 model has made many improvements from the previous year and is the best MacBook on the market. There are two different sizes that you can choose from which is the 13 inch and 15 inch models. The options that you have to pick what goes inside the laptop is pretty impressive and the hardware is the best anyone has to offer. The only downfall about the MacBook Pro is that it is on the expensive side for laptops but it will last you a very long time and can be used for many different types of work. If you are already someone that has owned an Apple laptop then this should be the top pick for you but if you are a Microsoft user there are many options still available.

Dell XPS 13

Dell has always put out a reliable laptop and the new 2019 Dell XPS 13 is their latest that they have released with an amazing battery life and a wide list of options to choose from. This is a perfect laptop for someone looking to customize almost everything within the laptop. There is an option to get a 4K display and you can even upgrade to the fastest processor on the market. You can get one of the amazing laptops for a reasonable price considering what you exactly get inside one of these. There hasn’t been much improvement since last year’s model other than the webcam being put in the center but it didn’t really need much because this laptop excels in many categories.

Huawei MateBook 13

The Huawei MateBook 13 offers you great performance while still being at a reasonable price point. The MateBook 13 comes with the latest hardware such as an Nvidia graphics card, 1440p display, Intel processors, and solid state drives. This is the laptop that is by far the best choice because it comes with a little bit of everything from other laptops and is at a reasonable price. With the MateBook 13 you will be getting around the same performance as the two laptops listed above and have the option to pick between different hardware setups. There are a few things that the MateBook 13 is missing such as the option to upgrade to a 4K display and Thunderbolt 3 ports which have faster speeds but other than that this is a great laptop. Make sure that you consider getting one of these as they are a great option for someone that wants a great valued laptop.

Hopefully these laptops have given you an idea on what laptops are on the market today and what you are exactly looking for. Make sure that you compare the laptops that you like and find the best one that suits your needs. Start searching online today for the best laptops of 2019. 

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