Bet You Didn’t Know These 5 Things About Cruises

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So you want to do something different for your next vacation. You may be thinking of popular tour destinations you’d like to go. Putting together your travel accommodations, where you’ll be staying, what you’ll want to do when you get there, etc. Some people wouldn’t consider cruises as a viable vacation option. Partially because maybe they have many misconceptions about cruises. It may be hard to imagine being stuck on a boat for more than a few days. Could you be the victim of cabin fever? Maybe you are one of the many individuals in this world who get sea sick and wouldn’t step foot on a boat. And what would you do on the ship that whole time? 

There are a lot of myths and untruths about cruise vacations. There is a common belief that cruises are far too expensive. If you were interested in taking a luxury cruise, some believed you had to all but take out a second or third mortgage on the house in order to afford such a vacation. If this were the case, you’d think the cruise industry would be taking a dive, but it is quite the contrary. The industry is seeing great growth and expansion as to where they are able to travel.

Cruise lines have pretty much perfected the luxury and accommodations they are able to provide while at sea. Cruising is actually one of the most popular forms of vacationing. As reported in the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association on f-cca.com1, over 24 million people went on cruises in 2016. Even with all the misconceptions that surround cruises, people still take the leap of faith and find themselves with amazing priceless memories. There are many different types of cruises that could be offered, for many different types of lifestyles. Some people are more adventurous and want to do a lot of exploring. So the idea of being stuck on a boat could get quite tumultuous. There are cruises that specifically bring out the adventurer in all of us and you wouldn’t be confined to the boat. You’d actually be encouraged to get off the boat and explore. Here are some more great examples of why you should consider a cruise for your next vacation.

The Possibilities Are Endless

There isn’t just one type of cruise vacation for all the personalities in this world. The Cruise industry has countless options for many types of travelers and frequent vacationers. The Cruise industry understands their passengers aren’t one dimensional. Once size does not fit all when it comes to cruise vacation. They have to continually change with the times and continue to offer state of the art amenities and one of a kind vacation packages. Vacationers are less likely to take a cruise they’ve already taken, which leaves Cruise Companies with the task of continually innovating their cruise lines so customers come back for another one of a kind experience. If you check out travel.usnews.com2, it’ll provide you with a look at the seven new cruise ships that were debuted this year alone. Carnival Horizon, Symphony of the seas, Norwegian Bliss and MSC Seaview are amongst some of the newest fleets offered this year.

You Don’t Have to Be at Sea the Entire Time

A huge misconception about cruise vacations is that you’ll be stuck on the ship the whole time. That is not the case. Many cruises offer the opportunity to leave the boat and participate in many different types of adventures. In some cruises in Europe, if you go during the holiday season, the cruise will offer tours throughout the different Christmas markets available. Many travelers will choose particular cruise lines for the stops that they make. A cruise through the Keys and down to the Caribbean will give you the opportunity to jump off the boat and explore one of the many islands. Cozumel is a little island that’ll set up water obstacle courses for young people to get off the boat and have some fun. So don’t let the idea of being stuck on a giant boat for days discourage you from having an experience of a lifetime.

Accommodations Are More Flexible Than You Think

The idea of being cooped up in a small room on a boat can sound a bit daunting. However accommodations on cruise liners are actually a lot more flexible than travelers would believe. There are rooms for those who’d like to save a little money and for those who need to have an ocean view. If you don’t need any view because the view may make some people sick, you can opt for a room with no windows. Or maybe a room that is under sea level for a little more calming atmosphere.

Seasickness Isn’t Really an Issue

Modern technology has all but fully removed the possibilities of sea sickness on a cruise ship. CruiseHabit.com3 explains that regardless of the ship size, a huge factor in neutralizing motion sickness on cruise ships is technology. Cruise ships are equipped with multiple stabilizers on the hull of the ships that cut into the water and prevent the rolling motion that is commonly felt in rough or higher seas. Not to mention, cruise ships are huge. They are literally like floating cities. It’s hard to imagine feeling any kind of movement on a vessel that large.

There Are Activities for Every Taste

Some cruise ships are equipped with zip lines, water slides, roller coasters and other adventurous activities. There are also comedy clubs, night clubs, casinos, and musicals to participate in. There is enough food to stuff yourself a few times over. Regardless of your preferences, cruise ships are guaranteed to keep you well occupied till you’re ready to get off and try something new.

How to Save Money on a Cruise

If you are interested in booking a cruise and you want to save a little money, be flexible. Be flexible with your dates, your lodging accommodations and the duration of your cruise. There are many ways to save money in just those three areas. Try a homeport cruise. There are many local cruises people aren’t aware of. It’ll save you money on plane tickets if you can just drive to your port. Try to plan a group trip and Cruise for free. If you coordinate a trip with a bunch of people, you can pay yourself back by dropping everyone’s costs by traveling together. There are many ways to make it work, it’s up to you to do some research and discover the joy of cruising. 





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