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Are you someone that owns a business and want to keep your assets protected? Then buying or upgrading a security system will be the best investment you have made towards your business. There are many incidents when shop owners have their business broken into and end up losing thousands of dollars in merchandise. Safewise1 reports that due to the number of shoplifters now around, small businesses are losing around $33,000 every minute which is a shocking number.

People often think that home owners get robbed more than business owners, but this is far from true because according to West Bend2, businesses are broken into every 10 seconds in the United States. These are some scary facts to face but luckily you can prevent anything from happening to your business by just installing a security system. Here are some reasons why having a security system in your business is a perfect investment for you.

Deterring Thieves Away From Your Business

With a security system for your business you will be getting the latest technology that will help you prevent thieves breaking into your business. There are many different pieces of equipment that you can install in your business such as motion detectors, alarms and 24/7 monitoring. Most of the time when a thief sees a security system working within a business they usually will not break in due to the risk, this gives you an advantage over them.

Even though some thieves will break in without any deterrence from the security cameras and signs, the system will help you identify the suspect and contact the police as soon as the break in happens. Now that security cameras offer some of the best footage you will be able to have evidence to show your local authorities and have a bigger chance catching them.

Technology is getting better every day which means that security technology is increasing with it as well, they are so easy to manage that anyone can do it. Just by having a smartphone you can check your cameras anytime and be able to lock or unlock doors by just a click of a button. With motion detectors and monitoring systems you will get a full view on everything in your business.

Save Money on Insurance

When it comes to business insurance it could be costing you thousands, but if you install a security system the insurance company will cut your costs. Because you are investing into a security system at your business, they see that you are less liable for a break in. By cutting the cost of your insurance by a percentage will save you money that you could use for your business. Insurance companies will be able to help you out with ease if your business does get broken into if you do have a security system because you will have video of the incident happening and evidence to show what exactly was stolen.

Why wouldn’t you want to save money on your business insurance? All you have to do is install the latest security system and you will be able to see all the savings.

How Much Are Security Systems?

There are many different options that you could choose from that will determine the price of the security system that you want. According to Business.com3, a standard security system that is installed correctly will cost you around $1,500, this is a great investment that you will not regret. These security systems come with the latest technology that offer you a number a cameras that will let you monitor your business anytime of the day and usually include motion detectors and alarm systems.

If you find that you want to do the security system yourself, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars. There are many devices that you could choose from at the fraction of the cost, security companies charge so much because they install everything for you. By just installing all the components that you want you could be spending around $300 according to

Like most things the more money that you spend, the better the product is going to be and that is true with security systems. But you can still go the affordable route and your business will be just as safe, since there are many products that you can install yourself you have the ability to customize your own security system. Now is the perfect time for you to look around as there are many deals being offered by both security system companies and products that you can install yourself.

Start Searching Today

There is no point in waiting to install a security system at your business, there are so many burglaries now occurring at small businesses that the time is now for you to invest in one. If you are looking to hire someone to install one or buy the products yourself and install them, the time for you to act is now. You don’t want to come in one day and find out that your business has been robbed, not going to be a good day for you, so might as well save the hassle and invest in your security system now.

There are many companies and products that are offering discounts and promotions to help you secure your business and prevent any loss from happening. Since there are many ways to go about installing a security system, the choice is up to you. There are many big companies such as ADT and Frontpoint which give you the best security systems around. Make sure that you take a look online to find the perfect security solution for you, compare everything and find the best deal.






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