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When many of us go and visit our grandparents or elderly aunts and uncles over the holidays, we tend to become their tech support when it comes to all things smartphone, tablets or laptops. Our elders like to take advantage of the access new technology grants them to their grandchildren and kids. The only problem is their lack of urgency to learn how to use the new technology or navigate through the world of social media. We don’t want our grannies and gramppies to be left behind, but very few of us have the patients to drag them along with quickly changing technological leaps and bounds the tech sector is making. 

Technology companies are in no hurry to go backwards by using old technology to accommodate the older consumers. They are full steam ahead taking advantage of all new technology trends and leveraging up and coming technology to make state of the art products. What does this mean for your older loved ones? Well, it means you’ll need to continue to play IT tech support for the family, or you can start off with some more tech illiterate friendly phones currently on the market.

The newest technology isn’t for everyone. If we’re being honest, teenagers and younger kids seem to be able to master all things technology pretty quick. Could be the time they have to learn the technology, but whatever it is, seniors generally don’t get it and need a little more help using the new smart phones. There are a few companies that were very mindful the challenges the new technology market poses for seniors. So they have phones geared more toward the older population. Or at least, these are the phones seniors tend to gravitate to for whatever reasons. Could be ease of use, or merely cost savings.

Nokia 3310 3G

Let’s face it, not everyone needs a smartphone. Older people tend to like to do things themselves and don’t like to rely on smartphone technology to help them do things. It becomes even more frustrating when smartphones are meant to help and make life easier, but you can’t use the aspects of the phone that are meant to make your life easier. So adversely, your life becomes a little more stressed. The Nokia 3310 3G is fit for people who don’t care to have a smartphone. It’s easy to use and provides basic functionality and features to help you keep in touch with loved ones. The long battery life is an extra perk. There aren’t all the apps, bells and whistles of traditional smartphones these days and that’s what tends to kill a battery’s life. The Nokia 3310 supports basic calls, texts and if you wanted to get a little more adventurous, it does have the capability to use social media apps. It has an amazing camera for photos and easy sharing capabilities. It comes with 64GB of memory, but you can upgrade with an additional 32GB.


You are not misreading the name, it does in fact say ‘GrandPad’. The Grandpad is specifically designed for Seniors and it says it in the name. According to grandpad.net1, GrandPad is the simplest, smartest way to connect seniors with loved ones and modern technology. Loved ones are able to connect via private family network and can even upload photos and adjust settings for the GrandPad user if modifying settings becomes challenging for them. You don’t have to be a tablets navigating pro in order to use the GrandPad. It was designed for its ease of use. Seniors can still use email, voice and video calls.

The full HD 8 inch display allows for easy viewing for seniors. You can get a wireless charging dock for one less thing to worry about with keeping track of chords.

Jitterbug Flip

Jitterbug flip is one of the most simplistic phones you can get on the market right now. It was designed specifically with seniors and ease of use in mind. It provides for very simple navigation and has an extra-large speaker for seniors to not have to strain their ears to hear properly. For those who need a little extra assistance with hearing, the Jitterbug comes with M4/T4 rating for hearing aid compatibility. Greatcall.com2 claims the Jitterbug flip was designed with simplicity, ease of use and safety in mind. It comes with larger buttons, a brighter screen, simplified menu, voice dial and magnifier with flashlight. Take amazing pictures with the 2.0 megapixel camera.

iPhone 8 Plus

For the more tech-savvy seniors, dive into the iPhone 8 Plus world, which was designed for simplicity for a smartphone. The iPhone is the bigger version of the iPhone family, which gives seniors a much larger display to make it easier on their eyes. The iPhone has a ton of fun features and some believe it could be quite complicated with the use. Surprisingly, the phone was designed with seniors in mind. You can customize the phones display and text sizes to make it easier to read text or web pages on the screen. FaceTime is a popular feature of the smartphone and is built in. You can make unlimited video calls to your loved ones without the need of a specialized app, as it is built into the OS. It’s highly advised if seniors opt for the iPhone, to get a strong protective case, as the iPhones are often dropped and can shatter pretty easily. Protective cases will decrease the odds of destroying the phone on accident.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Of course you can’t talk about iPhones without digging into Apples counterpart, Samsung. Samsung makes their own power packed smartphones for the senior tech savvy. The Galaxy Note 9 is unrivaled in edge to edge screen cover with a massive 6.2-inch display that helps with readability. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a stylist pen that is interactive with the phone and its apps. This feature is for those who can’t get with the swipe and need a comfortable pen for the feel of writing. The technology will turn your hand writing into text. Galaxy's are known for the customizability of the phones. For security, the smartphone comes with fingerprint scanner to protect your privacy, iris scanner for extra level of security and facial recognition for easy unlock. Available apps make it easy to keep in touch with loved ones and share pictures and videos.

All of these senior friendly phones are available at discounted prices. Holidays is the best time to look into buying your loved ones new phones.


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