Important Facts You Need To Know About COPD

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When it comes to COPD, it is important to know certain symptoms and facts just in case you or your loved is suffering from mild or severe conditions. Around 30 million people are suffering from chronic obstructive disease (COPD) and around half don’t even know that they have it according to This is why it is important to know the early signs so that you can find treatment for yourself or someone you love.

There are people that are suffering from something that they don’t even understand, getting the knowledge out to the people is something that everyone should participate in. Here are some key factors that will help you understand they tragic disease and ways you can prevent it from happening.

What Is CPOD?

COPD is not just one respiratory condition diagnosed but serval that all have to do with each other. So if the doctors tell you that you have COPD, it can range from a wide variety of diseases. The major ones that you have probably heard about are emphysema and chronic bronchitis, all of the diseases that are related to COPD have to do with the respiratory system.

So if you are someone that is having problems with their lungs, it is advised that you see your doctor right away just in case you have one of these listed under COPD. Anyone that has COPD will have the hardest time breathing and exhaling, this will get worse overtime so if you notice anyone like this be sure to let them know.

Some of the symptoms can be a cough that doesn’t go away, abnormal amount of mucus, short breathes, tiredness, getting inflammatory sicknesses often, swelling of the legs and sometimes a significant amount of weight loss. Pretty much anything that has to do with your respiratory system should be taking seriously.

Ways To Help COPD

The unfortunate thing about COPD is that there is no cure at the moment so if the disease is really bad there can be a chance that you can lose your life. Fortunately doctors have found ways to help slow the progression of certain diseases which can increase your lifespan by quite a lot. Depending on what disease you, each procedure will be different and will work differently on every patient.

Most of the time doctors will prescribe medication that will help slow down the disease and help you live life with ease. Other ways will include respiratory assistance, a health plan, avoid any type of smoking, and avoiding any place that is high in pollution.

COPD Can Cause Stress On Your Body

Not only does COPD affect your respiratory system but it can also cause other health problems in your body if it is not treated well. Having the common cold or respiratory infections can lead you to the hospital which usually is nothing but with the stress on your body from COPD makes it much worse. With the added factory of not being able to breathe COPD patients have a higher chance of getting heart disease and diabetes.

Most of the time COPD is caused by people smoking cigarettes and cigars but some people that have never smoked in their life has gotten it as well. This is because they were probably exposed to a highly polluted area at their work or where they live. There are casing where people have gotten it genetically as well.

This is why it is crucial that you know the signs and symptoms of COPD because you never know who might have it and could possibly save someone life be just telling them. Even though there is no cure at the moment, doctors and constantly working on a solution to the problem and only time will tell. You can always do more research online to find out more sings and ways for you to prevent this from happening. Make sure that you keeps these key factors in mind when it comes to someone that doesn’t have the best respiratory system.

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