Make People Love Travel Insurance With These 7 Scenarios

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If you have a traveler’s spirit, that travel bug eats at you all year round to escape the mundane nature of domesticated everyday living. You may not be the type of person who finds it inconvenient to use all of your vacation time for the year. You may be one of the free spirits that uses their sick time to squeeze out a few extra days which will most likely go down in history as an epic vacation. You continually browse the internet for the best travel deals, loading up on blogs on ideal trip destination. You have multiple travel alerts which will send you notifications when tickets drop and the right time to buy is now! Without the ability to travel, many feel lost and stuck in the same place, knowing the world is far too large to stay idle. If you have that travel bug, you are definitely not alone. According to UStravel.org1, an average of 2.3 billion trips were made by Americans in 2017. This number was mixed between business and leisure travel. That’s a lot of plane tickets! It also amounts to a lot of unforeseen variables that could quickly derail your trip.

Many travelers know, there are more variables when traveling that are completely out of our control. We don’t know when flights coming or going directly impact our flights until it happens. We can’t predict things like sickness, emergencies, lost or destroyed luggage, or many other variables that could put a damper on your travels. In some cases, destroy your trip all together. The last thing any of us would want is to work our tails off to earn the money for our dream vacation, just for something terrible to happen and we find ourselves out of a trip and out of money. Many do not understand or know for that matter, that there are ways to protect yourself and your travels from catastrophe. You know longer have to worry about your trip being destroyed and having no money to put it back on track. Many travelers are finding that travel insurance is a life saver. There are many reasons to get travel insurance. Here are few situations where people were extremely grateful they purchased travel insurance.

You Need to Cancel Your Trip

We can have the dream trip of a lifetime planned far enough in advance to cover every aspect of our travel. You can try to cover all the bases you can before you go, but there’s no way to plan for extenuating or unforeseen circumstances. If there is any reason you have to cancel your trip at the last minute, many airlines are very unforgiving. You most likely will not see any of your money back for your trip, especially if you cancel within 48 hours. This is a great reason to have travel insurance. For those “just in case” moments. You have to pay a little extra to have trip cancellation coverage, but if you need to cancel at the last minute for any reason, you will be covered and will get your money back to plan for another day.

You Miss Your Connection or Flight

If there are any types of trip cancellations due to weather or maybe you’re traveling during the busier season and there are a bunch of delays, or anything that is beyond your control as a passenger, you could find yourself in a challenging position. Especially if you have a connecting flight. The last thing anyone wants is to be halfway through their trip, then stranded at their connection destination. If you are stuck there overnight, that could mean out-of-pocket costs. There are travel insurance policies that’ll cover any out-of-pocket expenses you incur with the missed connection that was of no fault of your own. You will be covered and put onto the next flight.

Your Flight is Cancelled

The most common, yet still unfortunate circumstance many travelers face is cancelled flights. You never know when the weather takes a turn for the worst, or there is catastrophic failure with the plane you were supposed to board. In any case, if you flight is cancelled, that could translate into more time spent in a place you did not expect to spend more time. You may need to extend your stay at a hotel and you will definitely need to eat. Some travel insurance policies will reimburse you for all costs associated with your need to extend your stay beyond your planned trip due to the cancellation.

Weather Causes Damages in Your Location

If weather is the cause for you not to be able to continue your trip, travel insurance could help. Weather.gov2 reminds us of Hurricane Maria, which devastated the Dominican Islands, the Virgin Islands and as we see still feeling the effects today, Puerto Rico. This locations were not able to be traveled to due to the devastation seen on those islands. Travelers who didn’t have travel insurance may not have been reimbursed for their accommodations previously booked before the hurricanes hit landfall. Travel insurance would cover any plane flights you’d need to get you where you need to go and cover hotel and food costs while you figure out your situation.

You Get Sick, Injured, or Have an Accident

Many people do not know, that their personal healthcare coverage will not cover them if they travel out of the country or overseas. If anything were to happen to you or your children while out on vacation in another country, you will be on the hook for the costs associated. Including extended stays if the accident was so bad, you were advised to not travel. There are some travel insurance policies that will cover you in case of accidents or required hospital stays. They can include actual medical insurance to assure you and your family are covered.

Your Baggage Gets Delayed or Lost

One of the worst feelings after long travel, is waiting for your baggage at baggage claim, just to be the last one there and realize your bag didn’t make it. Your brain starts immediately reeling about all the important items in there, and how terrible it’s going to be to be sitting on the beach or going to night clubs with the same comfy clothes you flew in. Some of us immediately goes shopping, but this could put a damper on the trip by spending money you hadn’t planned on spending. Travel insurance can assist with lost or delayed baggage by reimbursing you for any items you have to recoup. The alternative is sitting in your room with your fingers crossed that your bag makes it before your trip is over.

You Lose Your Passport

You should be holding on to your passport for dear life, especially when overseas. Europe sees its fair share of pick pockets and heaven forbid your passport be one of the items lifted from you. You can find yourself stranded in another country till you are able to get a new passport. Travel insurance will help you get a new passport and reimburse you for any costs of extended stays due to being held in the country until you can prove your citizenship.

Travel insurance can cover many types of unforeseen situations. It’s not nearly as costly as any other type of insurance, yet it is highly affective. So before your next vacation, do some research online for the different policies available to you and make sure your next vacation is covered.




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