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Since the end of the year is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to start planning a vacation for the New Year. If you are someone that enjoys embracing different cultures then you should plan a trip somewhere different then where you live. It is difficult to choose where you would like to spend your vacation but luckily we have put together a list that will help you choose from the best countries to travel. There is also some tips about where to go in each country and different locations that you could stay at, here are some of the best locations to visit.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are looking to visit a vibrant European city than you should consider Copenhagen, Denmark. This Danish city is the most multi-cultural in the whole country and according to Travel + Leisure1, there has been an upsurge of around 80% of tourists visiting the city within the past 10 years. Since Scandinavian Airlines has started expanding their operations within the region, there are more flights coming in and at a cheaper price. There are many restaurants that you could choose from such as Apollo Bar & Kantine and Restaurant Barr which offers you some of the best beer and food. There are also some magnificent places that you could stay in such as Hotel Denmark and Radisson Blu Royal Hotel which has a classic Scandinavian look.


Want to visit a remote island that is half way around the world, Mauritius has many things to offer to anyone that travels here. It is located off the coast of Africa and has been isolated for some time until now, there have been many airlines that have opened up flights to Mauritius at the end of 2017 according to Travel + Leisure.2 Before you wouldn’t have many US travelers visit here but now it is becoming more popular every year. People enjoy this island because of the tropical weather, the culture and of course the seafood. There is a very popular restaurant La Pointe which serves the best seafood on the island and if you are looking to stay in a luxurious hotel then One & Only Le Saint Geran has the best views and rooms to offer.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Do you want to experience African culture like you never have had before? Then taking a vacation in Marrakesh, Morocco will open your eyes. According to Travel + Leisure3 they have stated that Marrakesh is a cultural center of northern Africa and is currently being artistically renovated thanks to the construction of the YSL Museum which has a striking structural look. Since art is such a big thing in Marrakesh, they are starting to gain support from London and New York. If you are looking to stay in this beautiful country then you should consider staying at either the Oberoi which is a lakeside resort or the Royal Mansour that offers a big pool with many air conditioned cabanas.


This beautiful Caribbean island is quiet and offers some of the best tropical beaches without any of the crowds. Grenada has many different areas that a tourist could enjoy from tropical rainforests to beautiful white sand beaches. If you are looking to stay in a glamorous hotel you should considering stay at the Silversands Hotel4 which has around 43 rooms and one of the largest pools around the region. Since Grenada has seen an increase in tourist many airlines and cruise ships are now stopping on the island more frequently giving you a chance to have a nice Caribbean vacation. There are many hotels and resorts that are built in Grenada so if you plan on going within the next couple of years, it should be a perfect time to travel.

Los Cabos, Mexico

There are many places to visit in Mexico but one that stands out among tourist is Los Cabos, Mexico which is near the top of the Baja Peninsula. There are two towns that have become more popular over the past years, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Los Cabos offers tourists some of the best nightclubs and beaches that Mexico has to offer. The food here is top rated as well they have a couple of big time Mexican chefs that own restaurants within the two towns. If you are looking to stay at a magnificent resort, the Solaz5 resort offers you beachfront suites and cabanas with an awesome view. Plan you trip ahead as there are many people who have this location on their traveling bucket list.


Recently there have been many Americans that have made Ireland their vacation in the past years this is due to better exchange rates and cheaper flights. Now is a great time to visit the green island, there are many locations that you could choose from. There are mansions that have been converted into hotels that you could rent for your vacation, the Adare Manor6 offers you a 19th century mansion with the most scenic views. Alcohol is a big thing in Ireland they have many whiskey and beer bars that you could visit, and if you like seeing the process to make whiskey make sure to check out a distillery which shouldn’t be hard to find.

Start Planning Today

Hopefully this list above has given you some ideas to where exactly you would like to travel this New Year. There are many locations that you could choose from a tropical setting to a European city. Be sure to check different websites for better prices on airfare, hotels and food. It is also a good idea to check promotions that often bundle both air and lodging into one affordable package. Start searching and comparing today on prices and decide which beautiful country that you want to visit next.








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