Top Reasons Why You Should Fix Your Cracked Phone Screen

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Cracking your very expensive smart phone screen is an exhausting process to have to endure. The hassle of trying to go through whatever terrible phone insurance plan you signed up for when you got your phone is enough to make you wonder why you have insurance on the phone in the first place. When you have insurance, you still usually have to pay a heavy cost before the insurance will even kick in. In some cases depending on how bad the damage is on the phone screen, it’s cheaper to pay out of pocket than to go through your insurance. All too often, we see people walking around with busted phones screens. They possibly don’t have the money to fix the screen or they think it’s not bad to the point where it’s unbearable. 

No matter what the reason for the procrastination, it’s a great idea to make sure your phone is in tip top shape for mere functionality of the phone, if not for the aesthetics. Let’s face it, when we see people with busted phone screens, there’s a lot of inadvertent judgment, though many of us have been there ourselves. 

According to digitaltrends.com1, 50% of people around the world have experienced a cracked phone screen at least once in their lives. According to the same survey results shared on digitaltrends.com2, there are currently 21% of smart phone owners currently have a smartphone with a cracked phone screen. It may take some time to get the phone fixed, but it’s a good idea to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Cracked phone screens can cause more problems than you know. Here are some good reasons to get your cracked smartphone fixed.

A Cracked Screen Can Easily Shatter

Whenever a smartphone screen has been compromised, chances the screen will actually shatter increase exponentially. When a screen gets cracked, people tend to be a little more careful with the phone initially. Naturally over time, some people become complacent and forget the phone screen is extra sensitive and they can’t handle the phone as if the screen was fully intact. This generally leads to accidents and the phone shattering. Shattering a smartphone screen is far more expensive than if the screen was just cracked. You can save yourself a pretty penny by just taking care of the phone screen when you first notice the screen has been cracked.

Cracked Screens Can Lead to Further Damage

When a screen is cracked, some smartphone owners may believe the damage stops there as long as they are extra careful. That is not always the case. If you think about when you’re driving a car and you notice your warning lights on your dash come on, the longer you wait to get that issue taken care of, more lights start flashing letting you know you have more problems. Mechanics generally warn you never drive with underlying issues because it will lead to bigger problems. The same could be said for damaged screens on smart phones. You don’t need a warning light to let you know something’s wrong, because what’s wrong is right in front of your face. When a screen is cracked, moisture becomes an issue. Even if you have a water resistant phone, the compromised phone will allow moisture inside and could devastate the electronics. If the phone turns from a crack to shattered glass, the loose shards could get in the phone and cause more issues to the electronics.

Damaged Screens Can Be a Health Hazard

You wouldn’t imagine damaged screens could actually pose a health threat, but it is actually true. The cracked screen could eventually shatter and produce small shards of glass. Those pieces of glass could become cumbersome, especially when needing to swipe. Small pieces of glass may get imbedded in your finger nails causing issues. It could also be quite dangerous to inadvertently inhale small shards of glass if the phone is close to your face when it’s shattered. Better to be safe than sorry and get your phone screen taken care of.

Broken Screens Greatly Reduce Phone Resale Value

Smart phone retailers are trying to innovate more ways consumers can afford their smart phone products. They’ve made smart phones so expensive, it would be difficult for many people to buy them otherwise and their sales would slump, causing chain reactions within the market. So it behooves them to come up with different ways to subsidies products to incentivizes consumers to spend the little bit of money they have to buy the latest and greatest smart phones. 

A popular incentive is to trade in your old smart phone for the newest model. If your phone screen is cracked, this will diminish the value the phone could’ve carried upon trade in. They’ll give you minimal value for the phone, if any at all and you’d be on the hook to come out of pocket for the difference. If your screen was in good shape, the trade-in value may put a bigger dent in the full cost of your new smart phone.

Damaged Screens Look Unprofessional

Many people actually use their smart phones for work. If you are in frequent business meetings with other professionals, it doesn’t look good if your business phone screen is busted up. It raises questions to what happened to get the phone in that state and why the procrastination to get have it fixed. The same could be said if going on a date or maybe getting a phone number because you’d like to go on a date. It won’t look good to pull out a phone with a cracked screen. 

Phones are a large part of our everyday lives and are an extension of us, whether people would like to admit it or not. We even customize them according to our personalities. So a broken screen can say something about you. As a busted up car that makes loud noises while you drive. There’s no reason for it and you should just get it fixed.

There are many outlets to getting your phone fixed. Find a professional shop near you and look for online coupons. Phone screens are broken so often, there’s high demand to have them repaired quickly at low costs, so it’s pretty easy to find a professional shop nearby. 




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